Truly Something Special and Exactly What You Want.

Gender: female

Age: 24

Height: 5’2”

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Asian

Orientation: Straight


For anyone who likes their Vegas escorts a bit on the feisty and wild side, there is nothing like Isabella. This firecracker has enough energy to wear down even the most energetic individual. So, it is important for anyone to have the stamina to keep up. Of course, she can slow down, when the time is right. Whether it is a sensual massage to relieve all of that travel stress or hanging on to someone’s arm at one of those boring work events, Isabella is there to make everything that much better.

For anyone who has ever fantasied about being tied up and receiving a one on one strip tease or who simply wants to have a romantic evening out with an incredible woman, they just need to give Isabella a call. She is fluent in both English and Spanish, which makes her the perfect bilingual catch. It also makes it that much more fun when someone doesn’t understand a word of Spanish but they want her to say sweet nothings to them in her seductive, Spanish tongue.

It doesn’t matter where someone is in the Vegas metro area. She is one of the top Las Vegas escorts who can also cater to Adams Morgan, Columbia, Fairfax and Chinatown. This way, no matter where someone stays or what they are looking for, Isabella is there ti lend a helping hand, shoulder and body. Of course, she is also into role playing, so guests just need to say the word and Isabella can make it happen. From an amazing night out on the town to a low key evening bak in the hotel room, this is one of the escorts Vegas has to offer that can truly change the way anyone ever views Sin City.