Connie will take you on a magic carpet ride. She is truly a stunner.

Gender: female

Age: 26

Height: 5’6”

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Orientation: Straight

Language: English

Nationality: United States


There is nothing more seductive than a woman with confidence. Connie is bursting with it at the seems. Of course, her amazing measurements also help draw in the attention to body as well. Now, Connie is so much more than just a sexy body though. She has a truly remarkable personality. She talk about everything from sports to politics without skipping a beat, so no matter who is visiting the Sin City or what they are interested in, Connie is going to fit right in. Now, it really just depends what someone is looking for though and wants to do, but whatever it is, Connie can make sure it happens.

As one of the best Las Vegas escorts, Connie takes pride in her work. It is all about making her guests happy. Often times this is someone’s first trip to the Sin City and she wants to make sure they have the time of their lives. She wants them to remember her name and to have her face burned into their memory for years to come. Of course, it would be a shame if they didn’t come back to visit Connie for years. After all, she is here and ready to please, and after an evening with her, it is only natural to want to spend more time with her.

It doesn’t matter where someone is staying, whether it is in Georgetown, downtown or really anywhere else in the city. She can make it happen and knows all of the best hot spots. This is of course assuming someone wants to go out. If they would rather spend the evening staying in, she can do that too. From amazing back massages (fully nude of course) to just sitting around and talking, Connie is there to make it an amazing experience for everyone.